Music note unbroken in time reaching for eternity only to fall silent telling stories of returning memories. Everlasting voice. Thanks for reading!


One thing I’ve loved about living in rural Texas is the feel of the wide open sky and the beautiful stars at night. As we’re traveling, it’s interesting to watch […]

Ripped Sky

clouds covering moon jagged rip in the night sky rays of light peeking frantically escaping terrified of the darkness I wish I had a better camera! Last night my girlfriend […]

Haikuesday 3: The Reckoning!

Well it’s time again for my favorite day of the week Haikuesday! If you missed last week’s, make sure to check it out.  I have been making an effort to […]

Finger paint problem solving, smearing shades over old problems. Take a chance and open your mind, paint outside the lines. Growth is found beyond the color palette of judgement, paint […]

Midnight Tornado

Midnight tornado, destroying countless young lives without being seen, like a father who was gone having never given love. I was very lucky to have the parents I do, my […]

Floating - An Erasure

Night; the sound of sailing, the wind blowing, the oars shouting, our strength, run down. Finally, we could see and our hearts sank, we were alone with the wind and […]


  Everyone gets a fair shake is a lie they tell swept under the welcome mat of a home in a gated community. Inclusion shouldn’t be permission given by the […]

Sky Fire

  Living buried, covered under ash, terrible, restless, quiet years. Forgotten, buried all at once. Sky fire destroyed a man who had lived five hundred years. Destroyed, as was his […]

Turn away all thoughts of blue oceans, there will be no new waves, just the ripples drifting. Today’s post is a little late in the day, but I had my […]